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28 August, 2021

Virtual office tours

The growing popularity of virtual office tours

Study research from Goldman Sachs project that virtual and augmented reality will become an $80 billion market by 2025, of which $2.6 billion will be specifically for real estate. This is roughly the same size of the desktop PC market today. The VR/AR sector is transforming real estate, as well as other industries such as healthcare, engineering, and education.


UK Fast To Adopt VR Office Tours

As London continues to triumph as a financial powerhouse in Europe, foreign investment dominates in the market. Due to such transparency within the UK property market. International investment is continuing to maintain confidence in the London market despite the uncertainty of the current election and the Brexit negotiations. International investors can appreciate conditions such as short leases of ten years and sole tenants as they are easier to asset manage from afar. The incorporation of VR property tours are making its way into the office agency industry, allowing for international investors from the furthest parts of Asia to inspect potential property ventures from their locality. Cutting down on flight and accommodation expense, time provisions and third-party liaising, thus speeding up the whole transactional period.


VR Perfect For Estate Agents

For the real estate agency sector, this innovative bespoke design breathes life in to client tours and viewings by demonstrating the personal element of how a space can be utilized.

Virtual Architecture has become a narrative for design projects using still images and animation going beyond the headset it incorporates virtual chairs and physical movement to maximise the realism of the simulation.

This is the perspective that is expected from using a VR Gear headset.

One other form of Virtual Reality founded by RICS accredited Chartered Surveyor Stuart Thorp in 2008, 360imagery is the leading national providers of bespoke virtual tours. Incorporating photography, technology,vot3 and property. However, aspects such as funding and planning provision doesn't provide leeway for any discrepancies that may arise. Though, it does consider the changing design concept for a development, bringing to life interior designer and architectural sketches with 3D imagery.

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