At The Workplace Company we pride ourselves on our professional but friendly approach to office agency.

We see offices as more than just a place you go to work. Finding the right premises for your business is crucial for harbouring a productive and enjoyable environment for you and your staff. We also understand the importance of getting the best lease terms on any property that you acquire. After staff costs, property is likely to represent the next largest overhead for most businesses and should therefore be considered in the same way as a valuable asset. We base our advice on this principle and work closely with our clients to develop and implement strategies that maximise the value of their property assets.

We place great emphasis on listening to our clients, understanding their needs and the business drivers behind property decisions, we aim to see the whole picture and maximise opportunities presented by any given situation while minimising liabilities and risks. Underlying The Workplace Company ethos is our drive to provide advice of the highest possible standard but to do so in a friendly and easy to understand manner. We have recognised that professional services are often delivered in a way that clouds the transparency we believe is so important.


Businesses face huge frustrations when finding a new office. In central London alone there are more than 500 property agencies advertising available office space, yet unlike the residential sector, there is no central reference point allowing companies to search for all available properties. This makes sourcing an office space extremely time consuming.

Negotiating the best deal when agreeing the lease is also very confusing. As a result many businesses fail to negotiate the best possible terms resulting in huge additional costs over the course of their lease. It is a fact that tenants acquire better offices for their needs and achieve significantly better lease terms when represented by a commercial agent and today over 80% of tenants acquiring office space in London are represented. However, the quality of advice provided and the number of potential offices made available varies significantly from one agency to the next.

The Workplace Company strives to remove frustrations, offer unbiased advice and negotiation and provide complete access to all available office space in London.