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28 August, 2021

The Fundamentals of a Green Office

The variety of living creatures that exists on the surface of this Earth and the atmosphere encompassing those, are jointly referred to as the environment. Environment consists of millions of species of flora and fauna, human beings and numerous other natural resources such as minerals and sources of energy.


Environment plays a crucial role in maintaining a balance between its interdependent constituents. Hence, damage to the environment directly means disturbing the natural equilibrium among its elements.

In the modern world, there are several factors responsible for harming the environment; energy wastage, toxic pollutants from industries, vehicular traffic, air traffic, massive waste generation and disposal, and even household usage of appliances, to name a few. Among these, wastage of energy is the most significant factor that might lead to dark prospects for our future generations.

What is a Green Office?

Developmental science suggests several solutions to overcome such issues. One of the most decisive ones is designing and developing green offices globally. A green office or a green mode of working refers to the one aimed at curbing energy consumption and using products conducive to the environment, usually referred to as eco-friendly products.

Eminent researchers and scientists came up with the idea of green offices to reduce the amount harmful emissions, such as CO2, into the atmosphere and hence reduce the collective carbon footprint of businesses across the globe. Various types of energy saving techniques are employed in a Green office. Such eco-friendly techniques can be applied not only to particular kinds of offices, but to offices across sectors.

How to Develop a Green Office?

The chief rationale behind creating green offices is to reduce environmental hazards from energy consumption. Some major ways to achieve this are as follows:

Revolutionize Office Equipment and Processes

As a first step towards creating a greener workplace, replace the typically used office equipment like ink and paper with greener options like soybean ink and recycled paper. Modify conventional processes such as printing, and print only when absolutely necessary, and on both sides of paper for internal usage in office. Such measures will result in reduction in usage of energy and natural resources, and hence favour the environment.

As a green office, you must aim at reducing organic emissions into the environment from your workplace. In order to accomplish this, you must opt for electrical and electronic equipment with higher energy ratings. Such equipments minimise energy usage, help you save on energy bills and aid reducing your carbon footprint.

Reuse and Recycle

Instead of discarding your office stationery, consider reusing it to save on costs and to reduce consumption of resources. You must opt for recycled paper and other office supplies, as far as possible, to minimise the impact on the environment. Follow a practice of segregating waste into general and recyclable to foster the process recycling.

Benefits of a Green Office

All in all, a green office curbs wastage and minimises usage of renewable sources of energy such as conventional electricity. It minimises business expenses on energy consumption and is hence conducive for both, the environment and your business.

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