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28 August, 2021

Rating your office with BREEAM

Sustainability is one of the key environmental issues of 21st century life and business needs to be fully aware of how to do more within the office environment.

BREEAM “The Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method” is the world’s leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings. Its standard is best practice in sustainable design, construction and operation, and BREEAM is now widely recognised as a measure of a building’s environmental performance.

Any company planning to relocate should consider getting a BREEAM rating that will reflect well on both the business and its brand as it demonstrates your company’s commitment to making office space environmentally friendly.

Breeam Ratings
There are four BREEAM ratings; excellent, very good, good and pass. Any company keen to make their new office environment as green as possible should design the space around BREEAM’s recommendations. However, the guidelines can also be implemented stage by stage to reduce initial costs.

BREEAM’s certified assessments are delivered by licensed organisations and their assessors are fully trained in examining buildings at various stages in the construction’s life cycle.

Among the factors taken into consideration by assessors to rate a building are: aspects related to energy and water use, pollution, materials, waste, ecology and management processes.

Having the following in place will help improve your buildings BREEAM rating: efficiency-boosted water systems, the use of low energy rated material, providing CO2 emission reduction from amenities and natural lighting adaptation and providing convenient recycling facilities. We look more at how to create an energy efficient office in an earlier blog article.

BREEAM guidelines and recommendations can make your new office space a green haven thanks to their emphasis on thoughtful building management and creative use of systems and resources.

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