Do you agree that your surroundings have a huge impact in shaping your thinking and personality? We are sure you will. Talking on similar lines, a drab workplace instils lack of enthusiasm in the psyche of your employees, causing the overall productivity of your company to decline. Incorporating creativity in your office design will not only inspire your staff considerably, but also foster an effervescent work environment.

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Let’s talk about some creative ideas to enthuse both, your staff and your clients.

Using Colours and Graphics

White is too mundane to be the wall colour of an innovatively designed modern office space. Using motley of colours and modern graphic designs to adorn your office walls is an inexpensive and a sure-shot way to go creative. Make your office space visually appealing by including artwork or theme-based motifs. You can also include models representing your key projects so that your clients and staff can connect better to your business.

More often than not, companies commit the mistake of selecting office furniture components completely matching each other. Uniformity in design is the easiest way to smother individuality. Consider using contrasting yet complementary furnishings, or even different themes for separate rooms or departments.

These are some affordable ways in which even small and medium-sized companies on a tight budget can design their office space uniquely.

Openness Promotes Better Communication

Reduce the height of cubicles or do away with them entirely to create a distinctive look, and to promote transparency and better communication among staff members. As a word of caution though, a completely open work place could turn out to be distracting for employees. Hence, creating dividers between various teams is advisable.

Here are some more tips that you could use to turn your regular workplace into an interesting one:

  • Provide social areas for staff interaction.
  • Writable walls and dry-erase markers make a great combination, and are an excellent way for your employees to brainstorm, take notes and even generally squiggle.
  • Games could be included in social areas to promote bonding. While pool tables and table tennis are common occurrences in the corporate world, more savvy companies are already opting for PlayStation or the like.
  • Personal desk lights for staff can save on electricity, while providing individual control to employees. Also, fluorescent lights must be avoided, while opting for pendant or track lightings.
  • An open space for coffee can encourage staff to interact and boost social bonding.
  • Staff can be given the liberty to deck up their workspace in the manner they like.

The Benefits

The advantages of such distinct office design are several; including:

  • Makes work enjoyable for employees, in contrast to the plain drudgery of a lacklustre workplace.
  • Attracts creative people to join your company.
  • Cultivates the spirit of innovation among employees.
  • Assures the staff that you value their presence and contribution to your business.
  • Boosts employee job satisfaction indices.
  • Curbs staff attrition rate.
  • Makes your company come across as the one with an advanced belief system.

Building the Right Image

Creative office design will mean satisfied employees, and in turn enhanced productivity. It is a great way to build a progressive image of your business and attract prospective clients. Most importantly, infusing imagination into office design makes you stand out among competition as a more dynamic and cutting edge organisation.

Why opt for the ordinary when extraordinary is very well within your reach? So call an office interior designer right now to wipe off the humdrum, and ring in the exciting.