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28 August, 2021

Inform your contacts you are relocating

One of the most important aspects of any business relocation is that everything starts running normally as soon as possible after the move has been completed. One factor of this is informing your clients and business network that the move is happening and providing them new contact details.

Add keeping everyone in the loop to your to-do list but also decide how you are going to inform them as there are various options:

Email – Easily the fastest way but don’t forget that emails can be missed, lost or even caught by junk filters; it isn’t fool proof. If you regularly send out a newsletter, do a special edition or add the announcement to the next scheduled one, if in good time.

Letters – More costly but most definitely more personal than emails. Don’t forget to include maps and directions to your new premises.

Website/Blog – If you already share news via a blog it’s ideal for letting readers know of the move. A blog message can also let your customers know how the move will benefit them. A relocation announcement can be added to your website but make sure it’s visible and not just tucked in a corner where it is easily missed.

Telephone – If you have an answer message include the relocation details well in advance. IF your numbers are changing, have calls forwarded but with a clear message of the new contact details. You can also direct your receptionist to pass on the information to callers.

Signs – If you have somewhere appropriate for a sign or banner, utilise it. Also, if you are leaving the premises vacant, stick a notice on the door letting callers know where you have moved to. If a business is moving in after you, share your new contact details with them so they can be passed on to anyone who calls looking for you.

Any or all of these approaches should be taken well in advance to minimise customer loss.

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