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28 August, 2021

Classic errors to avoid when relocating office

An office move is fraught with potential difficulties and while some forethought and attention to detail can eliminate many risks, there’s no doubt that there are some obvious errors to be avoided in an office relocation.

Keep Staff Informed

One of the biggest mistakes management make is not providing clear direction to everyone in the organisation during a relocation. Having made the decision to move and identified new premises, the next step is to set a timetable, tell staff what will be required of them before, during and after the move, then set objectives to be met daily or weekly.

Plan Early For An Easy Move

Don’t rush into decisions but don’t leave things too late, either. Hasty decisions can often be costly so take time to consider all options and remember, the early you start planning a move, the better a deal you’re likely to strike.

Talk To an Agent

While you might think you can save the company money by planning and executing the move by yourself, taking on too much may prove costly. An acquisition agent will bring expertise and knowledge to your relocation – for example, local firms are likely to know of the best leasing deals available, as well as having complete access to all available properties on the market. Hiring a firm to deal with your move is likely to save you time and money in the long term.

Know Your Budget

Another expensive error is in failing to set a budget for the move or simply not sticking to your budget. Your budget should be realistic but flexible. Any relocation is likely to throw up unplanned expenses and costs but stay vigilant for unnecessary over-spending. Our easy office space calculator will help you to work out what you can expe

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