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28 August, 2021

Think of the effect on your staff before introducing a commute

The effects of a relocation on your staff is one of the most important factors you need to think about when planning an office move. You need to be concerned about how the introduction of a commute to work for your employees will affect them.

Clearly seeking the ideal office space is one of the greatest priorities but a new location is also likely to have an impact on your staff.

Those in charge of the relocation should be looking to ensure that the new premises have good transport links, both in terms of public transport such as buses or trains and also being located close to main roads for those who drive in. Transportation is one topic covered about relocating to Hammersmith or Kings Cross in a previous article written last year.

A commute to work is a daily fact of life for many of us but you should be aware that introducing a commute for staff who currently don’t have one can have an adverse effect on morale and may cause some staff to leave.

It’s important, therefore, to communicate openly and regularly with staff, keeping them informed of any potential changes to how they travel to work.

Relocating an office is undoubtedly going to be a stressful event for some members of staff but you can minimise that upheaval and any negative feelings among your staff about the move by consulting them regularly over what the move will mean and including key personnel in discussions over when and where the move will take place.

Carry out a survey and plot where your current staff are coming in from and how a new location will affect their commute.

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