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Vacating Premises Before Your Lease Ends

If you wish to leave your commercially rented office premises before the end of the lease, you are still responsible for the property for the length of the term. This means that you either need to continue paying rent on a property that is not being used, or you will need to dispose of the space in another way. Office disposal can be done in a number of ways, in the event that you need to relocate or vacate your workspace before the end of the lease.

Tenants may choose to sublease the property, finding a new tenant to occupy the space and becoming responsible for their rent payments and any building management issues. Alternatively, you may assign the lease to a new tenant, who will take over full responsibility for the remainder of the term. If your landlord agrees, it may also be possible to surrender the lease, whereby the landlord takes back the space straight away if it is beneficial for them to do so.

We act as your agent in the disposal of property should you need to vacate your workspace before the end of your lease. We will advise you in the best course of action and be your advocate in negotiating the terms of your sub-leasing, assignment or surrender.

Our Office Disposals service includes:

  • Exploring your options to ensure that relocating or vacating the property is in the best interests of your business.
  • Advising on subleasing to a new occupier, assigning to a new tenant or surrendering the lease back to the landlord.
  • Negotiating the terms of any new agreement and co-ordinating any other professional services you may require.