Historic Rates Audit Service05

Can your business benefit from a historical rates audit?…

Historical rates auditing involves a detailed analysis of rate liabilities over multiple Rating Revaluation periods. Our combined auditing and surveying expertise focuses on the identification of historic rate account anomalies and application of technical angles, which can lead to the recovery of monies from charging authorities.

    A quick and simple instruction gives you the following benefits:

    • We review all allowances and legislation as far back as 1995 and cross reference with specific background checks.
    • Any discrepancies are flagged to the appropriate local council’s office.
    • We coordinate with the appropriate council on your behalf.
    • When we are successful, we liaise payment to your nominated business account.
    • We guarantee that you will receive monies owed direct to your account before we invoice your company.


    What do you have to do?

    Sign our one page agreement and Letter of Authority so that we can contact the council on your behalf.

    How long does it take?

    The process is fully depended on the council’s response time. We ask that you give us up to 30 days, though we often have refunds in our clients’ accounts within a few weeks.

    Call us on 020 7993 8075 to find out more about our business rates auditing service.